Air Conditioning Installation

If you’re thinking of having air conditioning installed in your business premises there are many benefits including overheads from reduced energy bills and increased comfort for your staff and customers.

Air conditioning can provide heating and cooling needs year round for your business. The installation is fairly flexible, with our trained engineers able to find a layout for all situations. There are a few considerations to take into account when designing an air conditioning system. There will need to be space for the outdoor unit which can be mounted on a wall or flat roof if there is access. The unit will need space around it so that a good flow of air can be maintained.  The type of indoor unit and location is a big consideration but there are a number of solutions to suit the layout and space available:

  • Wall mounted units are ideal for heating an individual room or small space
  • Ceiling cassettes are ideal for a larger area
  • Floor mounted units are positioned the same as radiators
  • Ducted units provide heat through ducts and can be concealed in loft areas

A mixture of indoor units can be used from the same outdoor unit to suit all situations. All air conditioning installations are carried out by highly trained engineers to the highest standard.

For a free site survey for air conditioning installation in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Southern Scotland call our experienced team of engineers or visit and request a callback.

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