Save money by upgrading the air conditioning in your business

The cost of heating and cooling premises can be one of the biggest overhead costs to businesses. Although energy prices have recently reduced, they have been rising sharply for the last 10 years, squeezing the profits of some businesses.

The best way to reduce energy costs is to reduce the amount of energy the business uses. This can be done by improving the heat loss of the building, changing habits or improving the efficiency of the heating system.

For example, if your business uses 50,000 kWh of heat energy throughout the year to keep it warm with an old air conditioning system the SCOP (Seasonal co-efficient of performance) could be as low as 2.5. This means that for every kWh of electrical energy which goes in, you will get 2.5 kWh of heat energy out. If electricity costs 13pence per kWh, it will cost £2,600 to heat the premises per year.

Air conditioning is advancing all the time and newer systems can have an SCOP of around 4. To heat the same premises with an upgraded air conditioning system it would cost £1,625 per year. This means a saving of almost £1,000 per annum. If electricity prices rise in the future, the savings would be even more pronounced.

If your current heating is fuelled by oil, natural gas or LPG, you would benefit from lower heating costs and have cooling in the summer months.

Our air conditioning and ventilation engineers are based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and South West Scotland and will be able to provide a no obligation quotation for an upgrade to your current air conditioning system to the latest and most advanced systems on the market. Find out how much you could save by visiting: and request a free callback for an air conditioning installation or upgrade.

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Install or upgrade your businesses air conditioning to save money in Glasgow, Edinburgh or South West Scotland

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