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If you’re thinking about installing a commercial kitchen ventilation system, it’s imperative that you work with a ventilation services company that fully understands you needs. You’ll need a bespoke service to meet the specific requirements of your kitchen and  your business: your ventilation system must be tailored to your needs.

commercial kitchen ventilation systems

Commercial Kitchen

Fundamentally all ventilation systems are designed with the same objective in mind – to replace air within the building with fresh air from outside and to extract air to reduce smells and other pollutants, and condensation build-up; in short to improve the air quality within a building – your home or commercial kitchen.

The fact of the matter is that very few buildings can exist comfortably without a ventilation system.  For example, busy hotel restaurant kitchens produce high level of condensation and pollutants as the chefs satisfy the hungry demands of many clients.

And for new homes, government legislation and building requirements have dictated they are built with very low leakage rates to conserve energy.  A great idea but the downside is that they are so air-tight that the interior air quality drops as pollutants from cooking, cleaning and washing remain trapped within the building.

Imagine a modern kitchen at home without an effective ventilation system – highly likely to fall prey to damp and mould if the damp air generated from cooking and drying clothes isn’t replaced with fresh air.


easterbrookThe type of kitchen ventilation system you need depends on many factors, in part relating to the size of your commercial kitchen. Other factors which have to be taken into account include:

  • the workload of the kitchen (how much cooking is actually done)
  • the types of equipment used (which relates to the amount of pollutants they are likely to generate eg. deep fat fryers will inherently generate significant amounts of grease)
  • the shape of the kitchen – how easy it is for the air to circulate

A good kitchen ventilation system supplier will also consider the energy efficiency of the system and provide the most cost effective ventilation system to meet the needs of  your business.

Cool & Easy have over 30 years experience in commercial ventilation installations and we pride ourselves on our bespoke solutions for every type of building, from small properties to large commercial kitchens.

We manage ventilation system installations throughout Scotland and the north of England and we would be delighted to hear from you if you want to discuss your requirements.  We’re happy to give you a free quotation so you can see how we compare to our competitors.

Why not contact us using the form below or give us a call, and we can see how we can help you get the right ventilation system to meet your needs.

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