Cool & Easy Apprentice Starts New Journey Into Education


Dumfries local Bradley Fouche joined Cool & Easy as an apprentice engineer last October; he had previously applied for the position in 2014 unsuccessfully but persevered, and that commitment has been further evidenced in his hard work within the company.

Bradley’s first job was to install ventilation systems in Neuro’s, a new bar and restaurant in Dumfries’ Crichton Estate. Since then, he has worked across Dumfries & Galloway with Cool & Easy’s team of engineers installing and repairing air conditioning units, ventilation systems, and refrigeration systems.

This year, Cool & Easy encouraged Bradley to apply for Leeds College of Building’s NVQ2 in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. He did so, and this week he started the course which will give him an incredibly opportunity to develop his skills and progress within the sector. Bradley isn’t Cool & Easy’s first apprentice, but this is the first time an apprentice has been able to travel to college once a week instead of 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off, which means Bradley will receive a lot more onsite, practical experience alongside his studies.


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