How To Make Huge Energy Savings On Office Air Conditioning

It’s important to have effective office air conditioning that can both heat and cool an office environment as required, to keep your workforce comfortable.  Traditional HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) work well, but what if we told you there was a far more cost effective option for your office air conditioning needs?

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The VRV (variable refrigeration volume) HVAC system enables you to make huge energy savings, slashing the cost of air conditioning and  keeping operating costs more manageable.



How Does VRV Work?

Unlike traditional air conditioning units, which only kick in when a room becomes too hot or cold, the VRV system continuously and intelligently takes advantage of existing hot or cold air within different areas in the building.

This efficiency ensures the office temperature is always perfect and is the reason for the huge savings you will see on your air conditioning bill.

Other Key Advantages of VRV Systems for Office Air Conditioning

  1. Flexibility – it enables you to control temperatures across multiple zones and offices in your building. A Variable Refrigeration Volume HVAC system can be designed specifically for your building or office space.  Unlike many traditional HVAC systems which are limited to an evaporator, compressor and condensing unit, a VRV system can be created with a number of evaporators which can be individually controlled.
  2. Total Solution – VRV is a total climatic control system, providing heating, cooling, ventilation, production of hot water, air curtains and central control.
  3. Personal Comfort – VRV office air conditioning systems ensure your staff can work in fresh air, delivered at a comfortable temperature and humidity all year round. Furthermore the system works at a minimum sound level.
  4. Rapid Return on Investment – as energy savings are so much higher than with traditional air conditioning systems, you will see a quick return on your investment.
  5. Easy Upgrade – if your office is already fitted with traditional HVAC units, the specialised replacement technology available with the VRV system ensures there is minimal downtime in your office.

How is VRV installed in an office?

Small offices would usually have one outdoor condenser and multiple indoor evaporators, positioned ideally to suit the needs of the building.  Indoor evaporators are available as various types: wall mounted, ceiling cassettes or ducted. Ducted air conditioning is ideal when aesthetics are important as they leave very little visible to the casual observer.

Cool & Easy have over 30 years experience in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems.  Our team of fully trained air con engineers are up to date with all the advances in the world of VRV and can install the system with minimal downtime.

We work throughout Scotland and the north of England and we would be delighted to give you a free quotation..

Why not contact us using the form below or give us a call, and we can see how we can help you get the right office air conditioning system to meet your needs.

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