Air Conditioning Unit Not Heating Up?

If your AC unit is taking longer than usual to heat up this winter, find out how to kickstart it back to life and save you a call-out.

Friday, 23rd December 2022

It’s very common for air conditioning heat pump units to struggle with heating up as quickly throughout the winter months. With the outside winter air being so cold, your AC system has to work much harder to generate steady heat from it and is likely to take longer than usual.

But don’t panic! There may be no need for a call-out. Our experienced team at Cool & Easy have two (very simple!) top tips for getting your AC unit to start working again.

Why is my air conditioning not heating up?Turn on your AC earlier

As basic as this sounds, it’s often the most straight-forward methods that are the most effective. To ensure your office, shop, warehouse or hotel is suitably heated in time for your employees and customers, switch on your AC earlier than usual to give it plenty time to warm up. While you may be concerned to spend more money than necessary on energy bills, the sooner you can take that morning winter chill out of the air, the sooner you can turn the temperature down or switch off the AC completely for a little while.

Keep the AC on overnight

If you set your air con unit to run at a constant 18°C overnight, your system will already be warm enough to heat up speedily throughout the day. You may find this will actually save you money in the long run as the building will always retain a little warmth, potentially allowing you to keep your AC at a lower temperature throughout the day. It also avoids your AC unit needing to struggle to reach the desired temperature from near or below freezing point, and possibly breaking down in the process.

If neither of the above tips have helped in resolving your AC unit heating issues, then your system may need a specialist to take a look. Our expert Cool & Easy team are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year, for emergency call-outs, and will gladly assist you with all your air conditioning heater needs. Give us a call today:

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