The Importance of Maintaining Air Conditioning Systems Over Winter

The nights are getting longer, and the days are getting colder. It’s likely that over winter your air conditioning systems are being pushed to the limits to keep you warm and comfortable. An air conditioner’s coils, filters and fins will feel the pressure, and require maintenance to prevent them becoming faulty. Our engineers can help, we provide affordable servicing packages in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dumfries, Carlisle and surrounding areas.

The importance of servicing your air conditioning:

  • Lower running costs
  • Prolonged life of equipment
  • Less likely to break down, saving on costly unexpected repairs
  • Keeping within manufacturers guide lines which keeps warranty valid
  • Increased performance making customers and staff happy at desired temperature
  • Overall look of the equipment kept clean and in keeping within surroundings


We offer maintenance requirements based on around our customers’ needs. The recommended time scale by most manufacturers is annually however this is based on an office environment with most restaurants requiring two maintenance visits per year.

All of our air conditioning services include the following:

  • A check of A/C operation
  • Filter and evaporator clean and disinfect
  • A full check of fuses, circuit breakers and isolators
  • Check operation of internal and external pumps
  • Check pump sensors, float switch, compressor mountings and start and run currents
  • Visual inspection of pipe work and condenser coils
  • Clean condenser (includes chemical clean if required)
  • Check operating pressures and temperatures
  • Complete F Gas log

We provide free quotes on air conditioning servicing.

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