R22 Phase out


From 1st January 2015 it will be illegal to use R22 refrigerant for maintaining or repairing Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems within the UK. If your system was installed before 2004 and operates on R22 refrigerant you will have to replace the system or substantially modify it by the year end.

Pipework and wiring may remain in place, but it is necessary to replace the units. Modern air conditioning systems are more efficient than older models. This in turn leads to lower running costs and leads to the new units paying for themselves with savings made. It is vital that this legislation is incorporated into your company plans to allow you to investigate and chose the R22 replacement option that is best for you. You may also be entitled to tax relief under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme, visit the ECA website.

If you require further information about the R22 Phase Out please do not hesitate to contact us on 01387 261 818 or alternatively you can visit the governments website.


As the Phase out is a legal requirement it is not an option to do nothing. Waiting until the deadline or exceeding the deadline could have a serious impact on your business. From 31st December 2014, there will be a total ban on all recycled and reclaimed R22 thereby making it impossible to service and maintain air conditioning systems that operate on R22.

Companies will be breaking the law and will face site shut down and/or fines if R22 regulations are not adhered to. Therefore, replacing R22 air conditioning systems with modern alternatives is essential.

Replacement Options

Complete System Replace

This would require a complete replacement of your air conditioning system, including outdoor and indoor units, pipework and electrical wiring. This solution means that you have the most up to date equipment with the lowest running costs and is the best long term solution to the R22 Phase Out. Equipment operating on R22 is likely to be older than 10 years and therefore would be potentially reaching the end of its lifetime cycle.

In some cases it’s impossible to re-use your existing components, making a full system replacement the only available solution. The disadvantage to this approach is that it means a higher initial capital outlay and increased installation time.

A complete system replace is worth doing, as you will be getting an energy efficient system with the lowest lifetime costs, although we understand that the resources to fund a complete system replacement may not be available and we are happy to discuss alternatives with our clients.

Replace Outdoor and Indoor Units

By reusing your existing infrastructure, including pipework, wiring and power supply, you could cut installation costs and minimises the impact on your business. Installation times are also significantly reduced and would be a second option compared to a total system replace.

This will give improvements to energy efficiency, running costs and performance, without utilising as many resources for a complete system replace. This would guarantee that your system pipework would be free from R22 refrigerant.

Partial R22 replacement solutions also give you an opportunity to upgrade your system, increasing the capacity or number of units. This brings your previous infrastructure up to speed with your organisation’s current needs. Cool & Easy can work with you to design a system that is tailored to your needs.

Drop In Refrigerant

Drop-in refrigerants mimic the function of R22 in old systems without the legal repercussions or harmful environmental impact. This may be seen as misleading as in reality, it’s impossible to use a substitute refrigerant without intricate re-engineering and re-commissioning.

Opting for a drop in refrigerant will diminish your system’s reliability and performance, leaving you at risk of failure or unscheduled downtime. Maintaining your ageing system will become progressively more expensive, with many manufacturers unsupportive of alternative refrigerants due to the problems they may cause.

While drop-in refrigerants may reduce your immediate capital spending, they aren’t cost-effective solutions to the R22 Phase Out and should be avoided where possible. Of all the R22 replacement options, drop-in refrigerants are the riskiest, and, in the long run, potentially the most expensive.

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